Working class

  • Africa

    Revolts are spreading in the Maghreb

    13.01.2011 Social tension is rapidly growing in the Maghreb. Hundreds of protests spread through the whole country. Some days later, the protests spread to Algeria. Armed with sticks and iron bars, a rebellion, especially of young people, seized the center of Oran and at least four districts of Algiers.

    Author Carlos Muro , Philippe Alcoy
  • Lessons from the Class Struggle in France

    A New Stage Begins

    22.11.2010 The trade union leaderships let the pension reform pass despite the enormous resistance of the workers and youth

    Author Juan Chingo
  • France

    A new cycle of the class struggle and the need for a revolutionary party

    03.11.2010 The current struggle of the French workers and youth represents an obvious leap compared to the previous cycle of the class struggle that began in 1995. It is announcing a higher level of class struggle, more open, more radicalized and more classical, that is, with greater centrality of the working class and with a protagonist role of students workers and in the factories.

  • Tendencies towards radicalization threatened by the treacherous leaderships of the trade unions

    Historic day of demonstrations in France

    19.10.2010 Following three days of protests against the pension reform since the end of the summer (September 7 and 23, and October 2), the government is betting on an ebbing of the demonstrations. However, the situation is evolving rapidly and the next few days will be decisive. There is clearly a leap in the social movement, whose perspective in the face of the lack of leadership is still uncertain.

    Author Ciro Tappeste , Juan Chingo
  • Press Release - PTS, Argentina

    We Salute the Victory of the Stefani Workers

    12.07.2010 The Party of Socialist Workers (PTS) salutes the triumph of the Yes vote which the comrades of the Stefani ceramics factory manages with more than five thousand votes n favor against the 47 who voted for No proposed by the town’s Mayor.

    Author PTS, Argentina
  • European economic crisis

    France: An impressive one-day strike and mobilization

    08.07.2010 The one-day strike on June 24 against Sarkozy's pension reform had big repercussions. Although it was not as big as last year's day-long strikes, it was the biggest strike since September, with around 2 million demonstrators in the streets, according to the unions.

    Author Ciro Tappeste
  • European economic crisis

    Italy: A strike against austerity!

    03.07.2010 Both the strike and the resistance by the Fiat workers in Naples, show that there exists a willingness to confront the austerity plans they want to impose, but at the same time it shows the impotent politics of the CGIL leadership.

    Author Gustavo De Biase
  • Against hunger wages

    Strike and workers’ mobilization in Bangladesh

    03.07.2010 On June 21, in Bangladesh, more than 50,000 working men and women mobilized on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital. This mobilization, which blocked one of the main highways that connect the capital to the northern part of the country, was the culmination of two weeks of protests, strikes and street actions in the main industrial districts.

    Author Celeste Murillo
  • Spanish state

    First big workers’ protest against Zapatero’s austerity plan

    17.06.2010 On June 8 the first big protest against the austerity measures announced by Zapatero took place. Two and a half million public workers were called to a strike to protest against the 5% cut in their wages, against the freezing of pensions and the elimination of social benefits. This is the beginning of a long struggle to defeat the government of the PSOE [Socialist Party] and the rest of the bosses' parties that are betting on carrying out an historic austerity plan on our shoulders.

    Author Santiago Lupe
  • Teachers take the floor (and seize a TV channel)

    In Greece, they are discussing the media "law"

    27.05.2010 The occupation of the TV channel scarcely lasted for a few hours, but it reminded us of the media occupied by the Mexican people of Oaxaca during the long months of 2006. The Greek teachers took the floor decisively, and they made themselves heard.

    Author Daniel Satur
  • Statement of the Fracción Trotskista-Cuarta Internacional

    European crisis and greek workers’ struggle. An warning call to workers around the world.

    21.05.2010 The ‘mega-bailout’ permits gaining time relative to the imminent dangers that were opening about the euro, and, at the same time, about the sustainability of several of the biggest European banks, especially of France and Germany. However, still does not resolve the fundamental contradictions of the euro zone, which has exposed the biggest crisis of capitalism since the decade of the 1930s.

  • Bolivia

    A workers’ opposition to Evo Morales’ government

    14.05.2010 The nationalization of four companies appeared lackluster after the electoral slip in April and in the midst of a distancing from the workers’ unions, who this time weren’t present in the Murillo Plaza but instead they were in the streets demanding a salary increase.

    Author David Dias
  • Crisis in Europe

    General strike in Greece

    10.05.2010 On Wednesday, May 5, the Greek workers led the third general strike this year, while the Giorgos Papandreou government is preparing to approve the austerity plan. La Verdad Obrera interviewed Stavros, a militant of the Greek Trotskyist organization OKDE (Organization of Internationalist Communists of Greece), that is participating in the process of mobilizations against the austerity plan.

    Author PTS, Argentina
  • Latin America

    Peru: Alan García represses the miners

    15.04.2010 At least five dead is the toll left by the repression ordered by Peruvian President Alan García against the miners that were blockading the roads in southern Peru. The strike by the so-called artisanal miners began on April 5, was called against Emergency Decree which declares artisanal mining in the southern region of Peru illegal, in order to classify it as "formal mining."

    Author Celeste Murillo
  • The Lobo government is the continuation of coup plotter Micheletti

    Honduras: No more persecutions or repression!

    13.04.2010 Porfirio Lobo has been using this selective but systematic policy of repression and persecution against the Resistence with a dual purpose: to impose in one hand, the "normalization" of the government that arose from the fraudulent elections and, in the other hand, a series of fiscal measures that would allow him to return to the circle of those who owe money to the IMF.

    Author Isabel Infanta
  • Statement to the press

    In view of the violent repression of the march of the workers of Aragua

    13.03.2010 The regional police refused to recognize the permit requested by UNETE, and, without warning, attacked the workers with tear gas canisters more than 600 workers were getting ready to march, breaking up the protest against the economic measures of the national government and for trial and punishment for the murderers of Richard Gallardo, Luis Hernández and Carlos Requena, victims of hired killers, and for the release of the trade union leader of the Ferrominera del Orinoco, Rubén González, of Guayana, and of the Yupka Chief Sabino Romero. At the moment of the cop attack, hundreds of workers from all over Aragua state had yet to arrive.

    Author LTS, Venezuela
  • Europe

    Italy: New workers’ responses

    17.02.2010 The announcement of the closure (temporary, in principle) of two plants in Italy belonging to the US aluminum company Alcoa ignited the protest by Alcoa workers while unemployment, especially affecting young people, is growing in Europe.

    Author Celeste Murillo
  • Europe

    General strike in Greece

    13.02.2010 Offices, schools, universities, and public hospitals were brought to a standstill by a general strike on February 10. This strike, called by the main public-sector workers' union ADEDI, confronts the austerity package of the government of the "socialist" Giorgios Papandreou.

    Author Celeste Murillo
  • Declaration of the Fraccion Trotskista - Cuarta Internacional

    Haití: Workers’ and popular solidarity with the oppressed Haitian people

    21.01.2010 The earthquake that devastated Haiti has caused a real catastrophe in the poorest country of the continent. According to the UN, 3 million people, almost a third of the 10 million inhabitants, have been directly affected, while the Haitian government itself states that there could be between 30,000 and 100,000 deaths...

  • Press Release

    Kraft/Terrabusi: A New Shop Steward Committee

    07.11.2009 (Buenos Aires, 11/5/09). At 11 am the New Shop Committee that won the elections on 11/3 has officially been instated, after the ceremony performed by Horacio Martinez and other members of the management, the Union Secretaries, Lidia Crespo and Silvia Villareal, and Administration of the Food Workers Union (STIA). They were defeated in the attempt to rig the election and manipulate the election results.

    Author PTS, Argentina
  • Latin America

    National Strike in Puerto Rico

    04.11.2009 On Thursday, October 15, hundreds of thousands of workers in Puerto Rico led a National Strike day of 24 hours with a massive mobilization in the capital, San Juan, against an austerity law promoted by the Governor of the island, Luis Fortuno, who ordered the layoff of 17,000 state employees by the beginning of November, in addition to another 5,000 layoffs that had already been announced in preceding months.

    Author Juan Andrés Gallardo
  • Press Release

    Victory for Slate 1 led by Javier “Poke” Hermosilla in Terrabusi-Kraft

    04.11.2009 (Buenos Aires, 3/11/09). Workers at the Kraft-Terrabusi factory in Buenos Aires have elected List 1, the slate of candidates led by Javier “Poke” Hermosilla, to the Shop Stewards’ Commission. In spite of manoeuvres by the company and the trade union bureaucracy, and the repressive situation inside the factory, a large turnout of more than 1,700 workers participated in today’s election. List 1 was composed of members of the food industry rank-and-file trade union grouping called “Desde Abajo” (“From Below”) along with other independent candidates, and obtained 676 votes.

    Author PTS, Argentina
  • Declaration of LTS-CC

    Urgent: Mexico PFP, get out of Luz y Fuerza!

    13.10.2009 From the Liga de Trabajadores por el Socialismo, we emphatically condemn the reactionary presidential decree, which attempts to liquidate Luz y Fuerza del Centro [Central Light and Power], and the military occupation of its installations by the PFP, and we call for getting mobilized and struggling to overthrow them.

    Author LTS-CC, México
  • Ramon Bogado will be allowed to return to the Kraft Plant

    Fighting for the reincorporation of all of the workers

    13.10.2009 The conflict has taken on a political dimension that is so big that even those who have a narrow view of the working class struggle (who only see the class struggle as workers against their bosses), in light of all the evidence, they must admit that it encompasses much more.

    Author PTS, Argentina
  • International Campaign

    Letter in Support of the Kraft workers struggle, against the 160 workers fired by the multinational Kraft Company

    19.09.2009 First Signatures: James Petras, Professeur émérite de Sociologie, Université de Binghamton de New York Alex Callinicos, Professeur d’Études Européennes, King’s College, Londres George Binette, Secrétaire régional d’UNISON (Camden), Grande-Bretagne Michel Husson, Économiste, Institut d’Études Économiques et Sociales (IRES), Paris Daniel Bensaïd, Professeur de philosophie à l’Université de Paris VIII Michael löwy, Chercheur au CNRS Alicia Bonet-Krueger, Présidente du Collectif Argentin pour la Mémoire, Paris Alejandro Andreassi Cieri, professeur au Département d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine à l’Université Autonome de Barcelone. Olivier Besancenot, Porte-parole du Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (France) Alain Krivine, NPA, ancien eurodéputé Arlette Laguiller, Lutte Ouvrière, ancienne eurodéputée Nathalie Arthaud, Porte-parole de Lutte Ouvrière Armonie Bordes, Lutte Ouvrière, ancienne eurodéputée André Luchat, Maire-adjoint de Chevilly-Larue (94) Obey Ament, Responsable Amérique latine du Parti Communiste Français (PCF) Renée Le Mignot, Responsable internationale du Mouvement contre le Racisme et l’Amitié entre les Peuples (MRAP) Richard Neuville, Commission internationale Les Alternatifs (France) Gérard Bloncourt, journaliste, Président du Comité Juger Duvalier David Michel, paysan, Confédération Paysanne Gérard Halié, Mouvement pour la Paix (France) Didier Pourle, Ingénieur, Parti de Gauche Gilles Meyer, Bibliothécaire, Fédération Syndicale Unitaire (FSU) Vicente Romero, Université Populaire Mariátegui, Montreuil, France Juan Chica Ventura, peintre muraliste Anne Bardez, enseignante d’espagnol Bruno Barthes, enseignant de philosophie Please sign and send to saynotokraft@gmail.com

    Author James Petras



    PTS (Argentina)

  • Actualidad Nacional

    MTS (México)


    LTS (Venezuela)

  • DOSSIER : Leur démocratie et la nôtre

    CCR NPA (Francia)

  • ContraCorriente Nro42 Suplemento Especial

    Clase contra Clase (Estado Español)

  • Movimento Operário

    MRT (Brasil)

  • LOR-CI (Bolivia) Bolivia Liga Obrera Revolucionaria - Cuarta Internacional Palabra Obrera Abril-Mayo Año 2014 

Ante la entrega de nuestros sindicatos al gobierno

1° de Mayo

Reagrupar y defender la independencia política de los trabajadores Abril-Mayo de 2014 Por derecha y por izquierda

La proimperialista Ley Minera del MAS en la picota

    LOR-CI (Bolivia)

  • PTR (Chile) chile Partido de Trabajadores Revolucionarios Clase contra Clase 

En las recientes elecciones presidenciales, Bachelet alcanzó el 47% de los votos, y Matthei el 25%: deberán pasar a segunda vuelta. La participación electoral fue de solo el 50%. La votación de Bachelet, representa apenas el 22% del total de votantes. 

¿Pero se podrá avanzar en las reformas (cosméticas) anunciadas en su programa? Y en caso de poder hacerlo, ¿serán tales como se esperan en “la calle”? Editorial El Gobierno, el Parlamento y la calle

    PTR (Chile)

  • RIO (Alemania) RIO (Alemania) Revolutionäre Internationalistische Organisation Klasse gegen Klasse 

Nieder mit der EU des Kapitals!

Die Europäische Union präsentiert sich als Vereinigung Europas. Doch diese imperialistische Allianz hilft dem deutschen Kapital, andere Teile Europas und der Welt zu unterwerfen. MarxistInnen kämpfen für die Vereinigten Sozialistischen Staaten von Europa! 

Widerstand im Spanischen Staat 

Am 15. Mai 2011 begannen Jugendliche im Spanischen Staat, öffentliche Plätze zu besetzen. Drei Jahre später, am 22. März 2014, demonstrierten Hunderttausende in Madrid. Was hat sich in diesen drei Jahren verändert? Editorial Nieder mit der EU des Kapitals!

    RIO (Alemania)

  • Liga de la Revolución Socialista (LRS - Costa Rica) Costa Rica LRS En Clave Revolucionaria Noviembre Año 2013 N° 25 

Los cuatro años de gobierno de Laura Chinchilla han estado marcados por la retórica “nacionalista” en relación a Nicaragua: en la primera parte de su mandato prácticamente todo su “plan de gobierno” se centró en la “defensa” de la llamada Isla Calero, para posteriormente, en la etapa final de su administración, centrar su discurso en la “defensa” del conjunto de la provincia de Guanacaste que reclama el gobierno de Daniel Ortega como propia. Solo los abundantes escándalos de corrupción, relacionados con la Autopista San José-Caldera, los casos de ministros que no pagaban impuestos, así como el robo a mansalva durante los trabajos de construcción de la Trocha Fronteriza 1856 le pusieron límite a la retórica del equipo de gobierno, que claramente apostó a rivalizar con el vecino país del norte para encubrir sus negocios al amparo del Estado. martes, 19 de noviembre de 2013 Chovinismo y militarismo en Costa Rica bajo el paraguas del conflicto fronterizo con Nicaragua

    Liga de la Revolución Socialista (LRS - Costa Rica)

  • Grupo de la FT-CI (Uruguay) Uruguay Grupo de la FT-CI Estrategia Revolucionaria 

El año que termina estuvo signado por la mayor conflictividad laboral en más de 15 años. Si bien finalmente la mayoría de los grupos en la negociación salarial parecen llegar a un acuerdo (aún falta cerrar metalúrgicos y otros menos importantes), los mismos son un buen final para el gobierno, ya que, gracias a sus maniobras (y las de la burocracia sindical) pudieron encausar la discusión dentro de los marcos del tope salarial estipulado por el Poder Ejecutivo, utilizando la movilización controlada en los marcos salariales como factor de presión ante las patronales más duras que pujaban por el “0%” de aumento. Entre la lucha de clases, la represión, y las discusiones de los de arriba Construyamos una alternativa revolucionaria para los trabajadores y la juventud

    Grupo de la FT-CI (Uruguay)