Message from Kshama Sawant calling for the acquittal of the Las Heras oil workers
06 Feb 2014 | Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, member of Socialist Alternative (in political solidarity with the Committee for a Workers International)
Message from Kshama Sawant calling for the acquittal of the Las Heras oil workers

Dear High Court of Santa Cruz Province,

I am appalled by the mockery of justice that has occurred in the treatment of the nine Las Heras oil refinery workers. I support the demand of immediate and unconditional acquittal of these workers.

Working people have the right to stand up and demand living wages, health benefits, and a safe and respectful work environment. I write to send my solidarity with these protests and to let the world know we are watching.

I also want to speak out against the torture of these men and others. My greatest sympathy goes out to the family of Jorge Sayago, but in no way does his death justify torture. For the prosecutor to advocate for torture is disturbing and unacceptable. Torture is a barbarous activity that should be rooted out everywhere.

I lend my voice to those who speak out against this travesty of justice and demand an annulment of the sentences. For the immediate and unconditional acquittal of the oil workers of Las Heras.

Councilmember Kshama Sawant
Seattle City Council – Legislative Department


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